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International Online Mathematics Elite Competition 2022


Difficulties are divided into groups, and contestants can choose their own categories:

K1 to K3 (Pre-School 1 – 3)

Primary School P1 to P6 (Year/Grade 1 – 6)

Secondary School F1 to F3 (Year/Grade 7 – 9)

Questions are set according to the Hong Kong curriculum of the level

Competition schedule:

Links of questions will be available on our website and Facebook page on the competition time of the competition.

Registration fee:


Free registration

Competition date and time

August 20, 2022
Hong Kong time: 10 am to 10 pm

Application method:
  1. Enter the link of the competition on the date and time of the competition.

  2. On the website or Facebook, select the group to participate and enter the link.

  3. After entering the link, first fill in the name of the contestant (the name will be displayed on the award certificate and trophy, no change), contact email and phone number.

  4. Enter the question section, answer the question, and proceed to the competition.

  5. Choose the prize arrangement (apply for the prize arrangement required if winning the prize).

  6. Submit and complete the competition.

  7. If there is still time, welcome to participate in other levels of competition.


Question :
The competition questions are set according to the curriculum syllabus of the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. All are four-choice multiple-choice questions. The recommended time to complete is 30 minutes. Participants can arrange for each question to complete at any time between the opening and closing of the questions.


According to the score obtained by the contestant (calculated based on the highest score of the group), each level has:

First Class Gold Prize (Participants who score 95% or more of the highest score in the group)
Gold Award (Participants who scored 90%-94% of the highest score in the group)

Silver Award (Participants who scored 75%-89% of the highest score in the group)
Bronze Award (Participants who scored 50%-74% of the highest score in the group)
Merit Award (Participants who scored 20%-49% of the highest score in the group)
Participation certificate (other score participants)​

  • Winners of each award can be eligible to apply for awards, and apply for certificates, medals, trophies and trophies according to individual needs.

    Award application fee:

Certificate - HK$50 (Included once local traceable mail or courier fee)
Electronic Certificate - HK$50 (PDF file will be sent by email for non-Hong Kong contestants to choose)
Medal - HK$50 (Included once local traceable mail or courier fee)
Trophies or trophies - trophies and trophies styles and application fees will be announced at the time of formal application. Normal trophies are about HK$180-$230 (Included once local traceable mail or courier fee)

***If the prize is sent to a non-local mailing address, the participant will be required to pay the relevant additional mailing fee.


Overseas Mail Reference:
For overseas contestants applying for certificates or awards, the default delivery method is "Hongkong Post" Surface Registered Mail service. Related fees and delivery time can be calculated by referring to the "Hongkong Post" website.

Hongkong Post postage calculator:

If there is no "Hongkong Post" mailing service in the mailing area, please refer to the following shipping website for international express prices:

Special notice:

           In response to the requirements of overseas participants, in order to reduce the cost of overseas mailing, starting from March 31, 2021, the default mailing method in all Asia regions will be changed to "Surface Registered Mail". However, the mailing time will be extended. All overseas participants please Pay attention.

***All awards (including local and overseas) if there are any unsuccessful delivery, failure to receive, loss of parcels, etc. Will not be sent again under any circumstances (including but not limited to incorrect mailing information, failure to receive, failure to sign, missed the deadline of receive). If the mail is returned to the competition, the applicant would like to arrange for reposting, all relevant postage shall be borne by the applicant.

Award application and payment method:
  • Bank transfer or deposit:

Please deposit the registration fee
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation account: 801-544172-838
Account name: Superior Culture




  • FPS:

FPS ID: 161085527




  • The award application link will be sent out at the same time as the results announcement email. After the winners have paid the payment, they can click the link to complete the online application and upload the payment proof at the same time.

  • Deposit Receipt (Payment Paper) Please take a clear photo and save it as a PDF, JPG or PNG file for submission, and keep the original physical receipt until the end of the event.

  • To pay by electronic payment, please fill in the name of the participant in the remarks, and save a screenshot of the payment confirmation screen with transaction number, date and time as a PDF, JPG or PNG file for submission.

  • If the screenshot of the electronic payment proof does not have sufficient information (such as remarks, transaction number, date and time), it will not be recognized.

Overseas non-Hong Kong participants:

​ Non-Hong Kong local contestants who are unable to pay by the above payment methods can apply for credit card payment when registering for each event or award application. After completing the application, the payment link will be issued by email.

(Overseas payments do not accept any payment methods other than credit cards. Please do not force remittances. All overseas forced remittance fees will not be processed and refunded. All handling fees incurred due to overseas forced remittances will be recovered.)

Reference date:

20 AUG 2022                   Competition Day
31 AUG 2022                    Results and award application details will be announced within 2 weeks after the competition
15 SEPT 2022                   Award application and application fee payment
OCT-NOV 2022               Awards issued

DEC 2022 - JAN 2023    Overseas participants will deliver their mail according to the HongKongPost's standard date for Surface
                                          Registered Mail according to different regions. Standard delivery dates can be found on the
                                          HongKongPost website query.

  1. Entry requirements

    1. There are no designated entry requirements for this event, and anyone can participate.

    2. Participants can choose their own categories according to their own level.

    3. There is no limit to the number of participating groups for each participant.

  2. Submit the information correctly

    1. The certificate and trophy will be marked with the name and category of the contestant. The information filled in by the contestant before entering the question section must be correct. Any errors caused by incorrect information, including various notices, certificate printing, trophy production, and mailing Wait, the game will not be responsible.

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