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Comprehensive competition rules

  1. Overview

    1. In addition to these rules, participants must also abide by the additional rules of the individual events they participate in.

    2. All competitions are conducted in accordance with "Comprehensive Competition Rules", "Additional Rules for the Nature of Competitions" and "Additional Rules for Individual Competitions". If there is a conflict between the rules of individual events and the content of these rules, the individual event rules and regulations shall prevail, and the tournament has the final right to interpret the rules of each event.

    3. Once all competition registrations are submitted, it means that the participants clearly understand and agree to the contents of all competition regulations and will strictly abide by them.

    4. All rules, project content, required updates, and event-related announcements, etc., will be posted on the website without prior notice.

    5. All event-related content and announcements posted on the website are part of the event rules.

    6. In order to avoid administrative confusion or errors, participants are responsible for ensuring that the information provided is complete, true, and in compliance with the requirements of the competition rules.

    7. The tournament is not responsible for checking whether the registration information of the participants meets the qualifications.

    8. Anyone who does not meet the qualifications of the competition does not comply with the requirements of the competition or violates the rules, whether before or after the competition, may be disqualified without further notice and will not be refunded any fees.

  2. Race program
    The complete procedures for all competitions include registration>notification>entry>notice of results and awards>receiving certificates or awards. Participants need to complete the entire event procedure until they receive a certificate or award in order to complete the event. Participants are required to keep all relevant documents and records of the competition until the end of the competition.
    All competitions will announce and record the results of the competition and the list of winners. All participants who have completed the complete process of the competition to "receive certificates or awards" will have their names announced and recorded in the list for public inspection. Participants who have not completed the complete procedure of the event and all overdue applications will not be announced and recorded in the list.

  3. Sign up

    1. The name of the contestant must be the same as the identity document.

    2. Registration date

      1. Each individual event has an independent deadline. Participants must complete the registration process before the deadline according to the requirements of the individual event.

      2. Online registration must be completed by 11:59 pm on the deadline.

      3. If the event has in-person registration, registration must be completed before 5:00 pm on the day of the deadline.

      4. If there is a postal registration for the event, registration must be completed on the day of the deadline (the postmark shall prevail).

      5. Any late application will be handed over to the individual competition committee for feasibility review arrangements. If accepted, the relevant administrative fees will be paid.

      6. Participants may be required to submit other information or documents for individual events. Please refer to the "reference date" of each individual event for the deadline for submission.

    3. If there is a quota for individual competitions, the quota will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and the order will be based on the date when the participant submits the registration form.

    4. Except for the designated events, all events are registered online. For registration procedures and details, please refer to the individual event website.

  4. Event fees

    1. For the various fees of each individual event, please refer to the rules and regulations of each individual event or our website.

    2. If the number of participants for individual events/groups is full or insufficient, the organizer reserves the right to reject the application for registration or cancel the competition of that group, and refund the registration fees paid to the participants. The refund will be made by check.

    3. Once a participant has signed up, regardless of the reason (except for the circumstances listed in item 3.2 of this rule), all fees will not be refunded, nor will it be transferred to others or used for other purposes.

    4. All incomplete payment, incorrect information, inaccurate or incomplete registration forms will not be accepted or disqualified before or after the competition, and the fees paid will not be refunded.

    5. Participants are required to keep all the original payment documents until the end of the competition. The Association reserves the right to request the participants to produce the original or copy of the relevant payment documents during any period of the competition. If the participant fails to show them, it will be considered as an incomplete payment procedure.

    6. For all registrations, the participant must provide proof of payment of the registration fee, such as a bank deposit receipt (deposit slip), to prove the successful payment of the registration fee. If the receipt (receipt paper) is lost and the proof cannot be provided, the Association will not follow up and check.

  5. Payment method
    If no payment method is specified for each individual event, the fees can be paid in the following ways.

    1. Other payment methods
          If individual events accept other payment methods, they will be explained in the individual event information.

    2. PayMe / WeChat Pay / Alipay
          If you use the mobile payment program to pay, you can confirm the payment with a screenshot of the transaction number as a proof of payment.

    3. Bank transfer, deposit or "FPS"
          All competition fees can be deposited into the following bank accounts
              HSBC Bank
              Account name: Superior Culture
              Account number: 801-544172-838
      "FPS" FPS ID: 161085527

    4. Participants who are not local in Hong Kong who cannot pay by the above payment methods can apply for credit card payment when registering for each event or award application. After completing the application, the payment link will be issued by email.

    5. Overseas payments do not accept any payment methods other than credit cards, please do not force remittances. All overseas forced remittance fees will not be processed and refunded. The tournament reserves the right to recover all handling fees incurred by forced overseas remittances.

  6. Participant information and changes

    1. Before submitting all registrations, please check that the information is correct.

    2. If any changes are made to the participant information after the deadline, the competition will charge an administrative fee of HK$50 for each change.

    3. Email, Whatsapp or post is the main method of contact and notification for each event, so please clearly fill in the contact email, contact number and contact address. The tournament will not be held responsible for the failure to issue the event notification correctly due to unclear information provided.

    4. Except for individual events, all event notices (including match notices) are mainly sent by email.

    5. Each participant is requested to provide an independent contact email address as much as possible to avoid multiple participants sharing the same email address, and avoid confusion when sending out event notifications or being mistakenly regarded as spam by the system.

  7. Entry notice

    1. The "Entry Notice" will be issued two weeks or more before the competition. The notice is used to prove the identity of the contestant. Each contestant/team who can play in the competition will be issued a "Participation Notice". If contestants sign up for two events, they will be issued two "Entry Notices".

    2. The "Entry Notice" will be emailed to the email address registered at the time of registration, and the date of issue will be announced on the website. If the notice is not received within a reasonable time, please contact us as soon as possible.

    3. If necessary for the competition, the "Entry Notice" will be notified by post and the mailing date will be announced on our website. The "Entry Notice" will be mailed to the contact address registered at the time of registration.

    4. Participants should check all the information in the "Entry Notice" after receiving the "Entry Notice". Subsequent event results announcements and certificate printing etc. shall prevail.

  8. Event documents or awards mailed

    1. All entrants must ensure that all information is correct when submitting any postal information.

    2. The recipient will not be notified individually before all documents or awards are sent, so please make sure that the recipient address and contact phone number can normally receive and contact the recipient at any time.

    3. All awards (including local and overseas) will not be sent under any circumstances (including but not limited to incorrect mailing information, failure to receive, failure to sign, missed date of receipt), resulting in unsuccessful delivery, receipt, loss of delivery, etc. Reissue will be arranged. If the mail is returned to the competition, the applicant would like to arrange for reposting, and the relevant postage shall be borne by the applicant.

    4. If the prize is sent to a non-local mailing address, the participant will be required to pay the relevant additional mailing fee.
      Overseas mail reference:
          For overseas contestants to apply for certificates or awards, the default postal method is "Hongkong Post" surface mail registration service. Related fees and delivery time can be calculated by referring to the "Hongkong Post" website.   Hongkong Post postage calculation:
              If there is no "Hongkong Post" mailing service in the mailing area, please refer to the following shipping website for international express prices:

    5. The default mailing method in all Asian regions will be changed to "Registration by Surface Mail", but the mailing time will be extended. Please pay attention to all contestants.

  9. competition rules

    1. The tournament has the right to modify the published regulations, events, arrangements or other information. Any changes to the content will be announced on the tournament website. All information is subject to the latest announcement on the Internet.

    2. The competition date, time, order of appearance and venue of all events are fully arranged by the Association. Participants are not allowed to object.

    3. The tournament reserves the right to cancel any events and activities based on the situation. Arrangements for cancellation of events and activities will be notified to relevant participants.

    4. The tournament reserves the right to mobilize or modify any related tournament arrangements when necessary.

    5. All participants must abide by the rules set by the competition. If there is a violation, the competition has the right to cancel any participant's qualifications.

    6. The decisions made by the competition and the judges are final, and no one may object.

    7. The tournament reserves the right to change any event rules and terms, awards, competition and judging arrangements without prior notice.

  10. Additional rules for events requiring attendance at the venue

    1. check in

      1. General events that need to attend the venue:

        1. Participants must register at the check-in counter according to the check-in time specified in the "Entry Notice". Those who fail to complete the check-in procedures 15 minutes after the check-in time will be considered late and may be disqualified.

        2. For all late contestants, the match assistant will arrange the contestants to enter the venue at a suitable time according to the on-site situation and feasibility of the event. All time will not be returned.

      2. Performing events that need to attend the venue:

        1. Participants must register at the check-in office according to the check-in time specified in the "Entry Notice". Those who fail to complete the check-in procedures 15 minutes after the check-in time will only receive comments, no scores, and no awards; 30 minutes after the check-in time has passed Those who fail to complete the registration procedures will be disqualified from participating in the competition.

      3. Participants are required to bring and present relevant supporting documents and other specified documents in accordance with the requirements listed in the "Entry Notice". If the contestant fails to produce the relevant documents during the time of the competition, the qualification to participate may be cancelled.

    2. Participants should stay in the venue as much as possible to wait for the competition after registering. If no response is received after the event assistant prompts the participant to appear during the competition time, the Association reserves the right to disqualify the participant.

    3. If the judge believes that in the case that a score or rating can be given to the contestant, the judge has the right to signal a stop, and the contestant's score will not be affected.

    4. If the performance of the contestant is not in the specified category of the project / the selected material has not been submitted  / The judge has the right to stop the performance if the performance is not up to the standard or insufficient preparation.

    5. Participants must strictly abide by the performance time limit specified by the organizer. If the performance is overdue, the judges will ask the contestants to suspend. Those who fail to comply will be disqualified.

    6. Anyone (including contestants, parents and teachers) is not allowed to contact the judges before the results are announced. If you have any enquiries, you must check with the match assistant present. Violators will be disqualified or asked to leave the venue.

  11. Venue rules

    1. Entry rules

      1. Seats in the competition venue will be reserved for the contestants in priority. If there are insufficient seats in individual venues, the teachers or parents accompanying the contestants may not be arranged to enter the venue

      2. If the competition is divided into time periods, participants and their accompanying teachers or parents can only enter the venue during the time period and must leave the venue at the end of the time period.

      3. Participants should arrive at the competition venue and report to the match assistant according to the registration time stated in the "Competition Notice". Once the competition starts, the judges or staff have the right to refuse anyone (including participants) to enter the competition venue. Participants may therefore miss important announcements and the order of appearance.

      4. Non-participants under the age of three are not allowed to enter the competition venue.

      5. Tournament assistants have the right to make final arrangements for seating and entering and exiting the venue in response to venue restrictions or the requirements of the judges.

    2. Practice is strictly prohibited on all competition venues and nearby areas.

    3. No facilities in the venue are allowed to move.

    4. All the items of the contestants and teams need to arrange their own transportation, including entering, going on and leaving the venue, the venue and the competition staff are not able to provide assistance. If participants or teams request the assistance of the venue or event staff, it is the staff's voluntary nature. If any items are damaged or lost as a result, the club will not be responsible.

    5. Anyone (including participants) who causes nuisance in the competition venue will be asked to leave the venue or even be disqualified from the competition.

    6. Anyone is not allowed to use any communication or electronic products in the arena, nor can they record or record any game process (including judges giving comments and announcing the results). Violators will be asked to leave the stadium.

    7. Participants in the competition should take care of their personal belongings, and the Association will not be responsible for any loss.

    8. The club does not provide parking spaces at all competition venues.

    9. Participants, parents and accompanying guardians must obey and abide by the unified arrangements of the organizer. No noise, fighting and noise in the competition venue are allowed to affect the progress of the game. In addition, no littering and non-compliance with staff instructions are prohibited. Once discovered, the organizer immediately cancels the relevant qualifications.

    10. The rules of the venue are all made in accordance with the terms of the venue unit. Any violation will affect the qualifications of the competition.

  12. Submit entries
      The following rules will be attached to the submission of works for the competition:

    1. Personal information (including name and school name) should be filled out on the registration form and should not appear anywhere in the work.

    2. The tournament reserves the right to mobilize, modify or cancel any related tournament arrangements when necessary.

    3. Entries must be original and have not been publicly published, published and participated in the same type of competition without any means or channels.

    4. All entries are not allowed to be published before the results are announced. Once discovered, their qualifications will be disqualified.

    5. The copyright of all entries belongs to the organizer. The publishing copyright of the winning works is also owned by the organizer.

    6. Once submitted, all works belong to the organizer and will not be returned.

    7. If there are no specific submission instructions for individual competitions, the back of the entries must be affixed with a correctly filled "Submission Label" (which can be downloaded from our website) for identification. All unidentified entries will be identified by the Association. Not to be processed.

    8. If there is any damage to all entries, the Association will not make any compensation, and the registration fee paid will not be refunded.

    9.   Multiple submissions per draft will not be accepted.

    10. If the judges believe that the contestants of this group have not reached the level of winning, the judges have the right to change the award arrangement of the group.

    11.   The judges and organizers have the right to make corresponding award arrangements and group transfers based on the number of participants and the level of participants in each group without prior notice.

    12. Works obtained by infringing on the rights of others, including but not limited to copyrights/copyrights, and portrait rights that have not been agreed to be used in accordance with the laws and regulations of the relevant countries/jurisdictions. The Association reserves the right to require participants to provide relevant legal proofs for their works, such as disclaimers signed by relevant parties. Remarks: The disclaimer documents vary according to the judicial procedures of different judicial countries/regions. Participants are obliged to provide legally valid disclaimer documents related to the works.

    13. Property/Intellectual Property
        Once the participant signs the entry form or agreement containing the listed terms and conditions, he agrees to waive all rights and interests related to his work and all intellectual property rights contained therein (hereinafter referred to as the "work"), and further agree to transfer the work to the organizer Unit, and these works will become the property of the organizer. These works or any part of them will not be returned to the contestants. The organizer reserves the absolute discretion to dispose of the work at any time, including whether the work should be returned to the participant at the special request of the participant and any conditions attached thereto, and the main premise is if the organizer uses its discretion to return the work For participants, they must accept the "status quo" of the work and any additional conditions. Under any circumstance, the organizer shall not bear any responsibility for the damage of the work or the change of its status.

  13. Safety Precautions

    1. Dangerous props and items are not allowed to be brought into the venue, otherwise the organizer staff may force them to leave the venue. If any damage is caused, the participating unit or individual shall be responsible for compensation.

    2. Participants in the competition should take care of their personal safety, and the Association will not be responsible for any damage.

  14. Awards and ratings

    1. The scoring standards are arranged according to different competitions. For details, please refer to the individual competition rules.

    2. The allocation and quota of prizes or rankings for each event will be announced in the individual competition rules.

    3. If the competition has championship, second and third places, the requirements and arrangements for the number of participants in the group are as follows:

      1. If there are fewer than five people in the event, there will be only one champion in the event.

      2. If there are less than three people in the event, there will be no championship, sub-award and quarter awards for the event, but the relevant certificates can still be obtained based on the scores obtained; participants can also choose to change the category for the competition. If a participant withdraws from the event in this case, the event will be cancelled.

    4. The race judges or referees have the final decision on the outcome of the race, and no one can object.

    5. The method and date of awarding or receiving trophies/medals/certificates of all awards will be announced in the "Individual Event Rules" or the event award notification email. All awards that cannot be received on the award date will be retained for 30 days, and the deadline will not be reached. Retrieved prizes will be handled by the tournament itself without notice.

    6. For events with personal prize collection arrangements, if those who fail to collect prizes in person or by an authorized person, if they request the express delivery of trophies/medals/certificates or all related materials, an additional administrative fee will be required, and the express delivery will be in the form of "freight collect" We will not be responsible for the arrangement, any mailing errors and bad donations.

  15. Other matters needing attention
      The personal images, family photos, works or award-winning materials of each participant may be uploaded to the website or promotional publications of the organizer and its affiliates for publicity purposes. The organizer and its affiliates do not need to notify the participants separately And pay any fees.

  16. personal information

    1. Participants should provide personal information to the competition so that the competition, the organizer, the organizer and the supporting media can effectively hold the event.

    2. This event uses email as the main contact method. Please ensure that the submitted email address is correct and that notification emails can be received.

    3. Each participant should ensure that all personal information provided to participate in the competition is accurate and correct.

    4. Each participant confirms that he agrees to allow the competition, the organizer and the organizer to use his or her personal data for the purpose of hosting the competition. For details, please refer to the Personal Information Collection Statement in these terms and conditions.

    5. The event, the organizer and its supporting media may disclose the personal information submitted by the contestants based on legal regulations, court orders, or in response to the legal requirements of government agencies or law enforcement agencies, or the organizer believes that such disclosure protects the rights of the organizer under the judgment of the organizer. Or property is necessary.

  17. Personal Information Collection Statement
      Your personal data and other data (collectively referred to as "data") provided by you in this event will be collected, used and retained by Shang ‧ Culture in accordance with the Personal Data Privacy Policy for the purpose of verifying the identity of the participants, in order to contact and issue awards, and hope The game can be played fairly. The above documents, as well as the above terms and conditions, also stipulate how the information will be used and who should be disclosed. The information (such as name, contact number, age group, and email) may be disclosed to, and/or used or kept by, affiliated companies or related companies of Shanghai Culture for marketing purposes. For personal data access or modification, or any inquiries about the use of data for promotional activities, please write to the Privacy Ordinance Officer (General Post Office P.O. Box No. 9896, Hong Kong).

  18. Disclaimer

    1. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the tournament and the organizer clearly declare all guarantees or statements regarding the prizes (including and not limited to the merchantability, suitability for specific purposes, and caution regarding the terms and conditions contained therein). We will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by participating in the competition or using any prizes within the maximum scope permitted by law. At the same time, if As mentioned above, the organizer will not be liable for any damage caused by returning the work to the participant using its absolute discretion.

    2. All claims, litigation or legal procedures initiated by contestants or other interested parties related to this competition or participation in this competition will not be accepted by the competition and the organizer.

    3. The organizer reserves the right to change the content of the competition or cancel the competition without prior notice.

    4. If there is any conflict between all the information on this webpage, including all the editions of the rules and regulations of all competition, the Chinese version shall prevail.


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